How we Teach?

All our teachers are highly-qualified and have Qualified Teacher Status, TEFL, CELTA and DELTA qualifications, supported by years of teaching experience.

As Jeremy Harmer said on 3rd June 2015, communicative approach has changed everything in the world of English language teaching. We don’t teach grammar for the sake of grammar, or vocabulary for the sake of expanding learners’ vocabulary knowledge. We teach essentials that are necessary for effective communication and gaining world-recognised qualifications in English.

Information is memorised best when there is a need for it. You will learn language stuctures more effectively when a communicative problem can’t be solved without a certain structure, word or expression. That is why active communication during our lessons is highly important. 

99.99% of English teachers in the world are not native speakers but there are brilliant teachers among them! We employ a mixture of native speakers and multilinguals whose command of English is outstanding. 

Whether your teacher is a native or a non native speaker, you study in London or in your own country via Skype or with a local teacher – you will have an opportunity to communicate to native speakers on a regular basis both in formal learning environment and during informal meetings or in interest focus groups. Communication to a native speaker is important at all levels – starting from complete beginners!