General English Course

You can study English in any part of the world but nothing can compare to the experience of visiting London for a General English Course. 

Your placement test would allow us to decide which group is the most appropriate for you and where you would learn best. You would study English 15 hours a week in a group of learners from around the world.

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Russian for School Children

Would you like to develop your child’s memory?
Would you like your child to have fun while learning a foreign language?
Would you like your child to become familiar with different types of writing, like a Cyrillic alphabet?
Would a foreign language enhance your child’s CV in future and improve career opportunities?

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Exam Preparation Courses
Whether you would like to prepare for Cambridge FCE, CAE or IELTS exams we recommend following a structured 12 week course that would prepare you for Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing parts of the exam. To find our about the levels of English required for the enrollment on these course, click here.

English Courses for Young Learners in UK

Learning English in London is not limited to the classroom. It happens 24/7.

Our Summer school is designed for 10-16 year young learners. English is learnt best when it is used in meaningful activities, that young learners are interested in. 

Our summer program consists of three main parts:

Classroom input by native speakers

Activities with British children (native speakers)

Sightseeing and visiting main landmarks in London

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Teacher Training

Larisa M. (Professional Development Course- October 2014)A good teacher is the one who knows the subject well, who has found his own teaching approach and has mastered the methodology. However, the world is changing all the time and so is the world of teaching foreign languages.

Today's learners are very different from the language learners we had 10 years ago.

The best teachers keep a close eye on innovations by attending webinars (online seminars), participating in Teacher training Workshops  and visiting Europe's Leading Language event that takes place in London in October.

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