1-2-1 courses and via Skype

You no longer need to travel to the UK in order to speak to an Englishman. An Englishman can come to your living room for a 1-2-1 lesson or teach you in a small group via Skype.

Individual tuition has many advantages starting with individual Learning Plan that an experienced teacher designs to improve your language skills in the shortest time possible.

You have a choice of studying English in the convenient time and place. 

During your lunchbreak? Before going to work? After work? At the weekend? When your children have gone to bed?

Are you travelling to London on business or for pleasure and want to feel confident at the customs, on public transport or in a restaurant? - Our 5 hour "English for Tourism" course will cost £100 that you would save in London with the knowledge you have gained during your lessons via Skype.

With Skype and Internet - anything is possible! 

You can book 5 or more lessons at £25/60 minutes. 

Indivudual lessons are charged at £30/60 minutes.