Visiting London can be as expensive as you wish, but if your finances are limited, then you need to plan your budget. What to include:

Tuition15 hours a week (starts from £50/week if you book a 48 week course). Two weeks will cost you £210. For full list of courses and prices click here.

Booking fee £75.

Accomodation in a students' residence or a hostel starts from £20 per night.

Accomodation booking fee £35.

Food (on average £15/day if you don't want to cook and are not planning to have a meal in a restaurant). For information about hot lunch/dinner with a drink in a pub for £7, ask us by filling in a contact form. You can survive on £5/day with careful planning and visiting a supermarket, making packed lunch and cooking breakfast and dinner in a hostel.

Travel fares are expensive. To travel in London you need a contactless bank card or an Oyster. It costs £5 and can be bought when you arrive in London. Travel card for zones 1 &2 which gives you flexibility of using underground, trains, overground, and buses costs £32.10/week or £123.30/month. Travelling by bus is cheaper (£21/week) but it takes much longer. However, you would love the idea of 24 hour bus survice. It does not matter what time you finish exploring London, you can always get home by a night bus.

Sightseeing can be free or expensive, depending on your interests. You can take a guided bus tour (£30) or read a lot of information online and plan your free journey on the top floor of a double decker with your bus pass or travel card. 

Many museums are free for public. Among them are British Museum (only 5 minute walk from your place of study), Natural History Museum, V&A Museum, Science Museum, National Gallery, National Maritime Museum in Greenwich... 

Prices for Madam Tuessaud's, Tower of London, London Eye, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Royal Observatory and Zero Meridian, Wesminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, Believe it or Not, Buckingham Palace and Royal Mews can be checked online.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us.