Подготовка к Кэмбриджским экзаменам

Whether you would like to prepare for Cambridge FCE, CAE or IELTS exams we recommend following a structured 12 week course that would prepare you for Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing parts of the exam. To enroll on Cambridge Exam preparation courses you would need the following levels of English:

FCE - B1 (ready to follow a course at B2 level)

CAE - C1 (ready to follow a course at C2 level)

IELTS - B2 (Ready to follow a course at C1 level)

Cambridge and IELTS Exam Fees:

FCE - £118

CAE - £123

IELTS - from £150

An important part of our exam preparation courses is mastering exam techniques to ensure you can demonstrate your excellent command of English under pressure in limited time.