Повышение квалификации для преподавателей английского языка

Larisa M. (Professional Development Course- October 2014)A good teacher is the one who knows the subject well, who has found his own teaching approach and has mastered the methodology. However, the world is changing all the time and so is the world of teaching foreign languages.

Today's learners are very different from the language learners we had 10 years ago.

The best teachers keep a close eye on innovations by attending webinars (online seminars), participating in Teacher training Workshops  and visiting Europe's Leading Language event that takes place in London in October.

Our Professional Development Course includes:

Participating in the seminars and workshops for teachers of foreign languages from all over the world.

Visiting a secondary school with outstanding Ofsted report.

Sightseeing (all the major landmarks, including the Zero Meridian in Greenwich).

First Hand experience of exploring the lastest gadgets and programmes used for teaching and learning foreign languages, speaking to their developers.

A unique opportunity to speak to and get advice from worl-leading Exam Boards.

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